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Лесопиломатериалы, прочее в Линце

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Cooperation supply of material from the Siberian cedar. larh
200 €/м.куб. DDP
Альфа Строй Снаб, ООО, RU +1 объявление
Good afternoon! Proposed cooperation: supply of material from the Siberian cedar. larch We offer regular supplies of timber for further...
Kindling wood
0.90 €/шт FCA
Парамир, ООО, BY +1 объявление
Kindling wood in sacks of 5 dm (2,5 kg) 10 dm (5 kg) 11 dm (6 kg) Delivery in each city, DAP prices are on request.
В радиусе 160 км от Линца
Ich werde geschlagenes Brennholz verkaufen
1 €/шт FCA
Trans-P, ООО, UA, 155 км +1 объявление
We offer firewood chopped chamber drying in boxes (1x1x2, 1x1x1, 1x0.8x1.2 and 1x1x1.8), breed of beech, hornbeam. The length of the gravel is 25,...
Split firewood technologically desiccated in boxes
Оптовая цена
55 - 120 €/ящ FCA
Белстройтехноторг, ЧУП, BY, 155 км +3 объявления
Дрова колотые естественной влажности и тех. сушки в ящиках по 1, 1.8, 2 RM(складометра). Дуб, граб, береза, ольха, ясень. It is produced for...
25 €/м.куб. DAP
БТКВосток, СООО, BY, 155 км
We sell technological chips of our own production of coniferous and hardwood. Mass fraction of bark not more than 15%. Place of loading Republic...
We offer wholesale firewood from Belarus
Цена по запросу
Algmeda, ЗАО, BY, 155 км
We sell firewood of technical drying from birch and alder 25cm or 33cm in 1RM, 1,8RM, 2,0RM boxes. Humidity up to 20%. We work on the terms of...
Thermo wood
20 €/м.кв. EXW  
Оптовая цена
17 - 18 €/м.кв.
Термообробка, ООО, UA, 155 км +5 объявлений
The company LLC Termoobrobka produces molded products from thermally treated wood of different sizes and wood species. Decking, deck, front...
Siberian larch (Larix sibirica)
Оптовая цена
от 440 €/м.куб. CPT
Кудисова О.А., ИП, RU, 155 км +1 объявление
We supply dry edged boards, lining, decking, and other lumber from Siberian larch (Larix sibirica), aspen, birch and cedar. Origin - mountain...
Wood briquettes RUF
75 €/шт FCA
Макаев К.О., ФЛП, UA, 155 км +7 объявлений
Wood briquettes RUF Ash content - 1% Humidity - 7% Packaging - 10 kg thermal film
Thermally modified wood
18 €/м.кв. EXW  
Оптовая цена
16 - 17 €/м.кв.
Термообробка, ООО, UA, 155 км +5 объявлений
I offer heat-treated wood. Thermoeasine, thermosens, thermosilver and other breeds of wood. Dimensions of thermomodified saw timber according to...
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